Trex Universal Hidden Fasteners For Elevations Steel Deck Framing

trex universal hidden fastener

Trex Universal Hidden Fasteners for Trex Elevations

Finish Off Your Trex Elevations Steel-Framed Deck with Trex Universal Hidden Fasteners and Trex Start Clips.

Most decks use pressure treated wood for their substructure, which can warp, twist, decay, and cause movement in the deck when you’re walking on it. Trex Steel Deck Framing eliminates all these problems and delivers an equally beautiful deck—with less maintenance and increased durability.

To finish off the polished look of steel deck framing, you can perfectly combine Trex Elevations Universal Connector Clips and Trex Elevations Start Clips with Trex Steel Deck Framing. At the end of this deck project, you’ll have a beautiful, smooth, fastener-free deck surface with a rock-solid substructure that you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

Trex Elevations Universal Clips install above the framework, making installation straightforward and nearly identical to Trex Hideaway Fasteners. The only difference is the Elevations Clips have self-tapping screws for installation into steel framing.

A steel framed deck is a great investment that complements the investment you make with the decking itself. If you’re buying durable, long-lasting materials for the decking, it only makes sense to do the same for the substructure.

Just make sure to fasten the decking to the substructure with Trex Elevations Universal Connector Clips to complete the perfect look for your deck.

We like Trex because they have a proven track record of durable, high quality products. When you use their straightforward hidden fastening system and their steel deck framing, you’ll get a long-lasting, practically maintenance-free deck.

Let us know when you’re finished so you can invite us over!

The Trex Elevations Universal Connector Clips are available now at DIY Home Center.

Trex Hideaway Plastic Fasteners and Trex Escape Decking

A customer called in and asked, “Can I use Trex Hideaway Plastic Fasteners with Trex Escape Decking?”

What a great question. Maybe many of you have been wondering the same thing?

Trex Hideaway for Trex Decking

Trex Hideaway for Trex Decking

The answer is that you should use Trex Hideaway Steel Fasteners with Trex Escape decking. If you used the Hideaway Plastic fasteners, you might create noise with the PVC decking (you’ll never be able to sneak up on anyone!).

Trex Hideaway Plastic fasteners work with all the other Trex lines: Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance, and Trex Accents. Trex Hideaway Steel fasteners work with all Trex lines.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of high performance wood-alternative decking and railing, it’s no surprise that lots of people are wondering about Trex Decking Hidden Fasteners. We have lots of answers on our Common Questions page. If you don’t find it there, do what this customer did, ask!

We carry the full line of Trex Fasteners at DIY Home Center. We have a slot cutters, install guns, and everything else you need to get started.

Guest Post: Know When to Use TigerClaw Butt Seam Clips

By Greg Hartman, National Account Manager, FastenMaster Division

Most deck builders will try to avoid having two boards butt end to end on any deck project. However it isn’t always possible. Decks that are more than 20 feet long, and most decks built with random length lumber will always require boards be joined end to end. Hidden deck fasteners cannot always accommodate these butt seams. In the past, builders would either have to sister a joist below the butt seam, create their own solution or bridge the seam with a single fastener. Attaching a sister joist below every butt seam is time consuming. A homemade solution can be equally time consuming and may be questionable in its integrity. Bridging two board ends with a clip meant as a single board/joist fastener is never going to hold as well as it is meant to.

TigerClaw Sister Joist

Butt Seam with TC-G and Sister Joist (Old Method)

Tiger Claw has developed a solution for the butt seam issue – the TigerClaw Butt Seam Clip. The Butt Seam Clip is a mirror image of the TC-G. Using this clip in conjunction with the TC-G allows a builder to install the two clips side by side on a single “2 by” joist. This TigerClaw Butt Seam Clip is equal to the TC-G in speed, ease of use and strength.
Tiger Claw TC-G is one of the most widely used hidden deck fasteners for all types of grooved deck boards. The speed and ease of installation, the versatility, the strength and hold down power make this a builder’s favorite clip.

The Butt Seam Clip comes in handy for two other applications.

Butt Seam with TC-G and Butt Seam Clip (New Method) – No Need for Sister Joist!

Butt Seam with TC-G and Butt Seam Clip (New Method) – No Need for Sister Joist!

  • When the ends of the deck planks are going to be cut flush to the joists for a flush fascia or trim. Use the TC-G on your right outer joist and the Butt Seam Clip on your left outer joist to keep the fastener well inboard and out of the way of your circular saw.
  • When the builder runs out of TC-G clips and only needs a couple dozen clips to finish the job. Instead of having to buy the 90 clip bag of TC-G he can now buy this less expensive bag of 55 Butt Seam Clips to finish the job.

Every bill of materials for a grooved deck installation should include at least one bag of TigerClaw Butt Seam Clips.

TigerClaw is available now at — or, if you have any questions, call 888-349-4660 or leave us a comment below.

Cost Effective, Fastener-Free Deck Surfaces Your Customers Will Love

If you’re a deck contractor looking for a reliable, go-to fastener, you’ll want to check out the affordable workhorse of deck fasteners: the Tiger Claw TC-1S Hidden Fastener for softwood. Tiger Claw products eliminate the need for nails and screws by fastening decking boards together with a unique set of steel prongs, leaving your customers’ finished decks blemish-free, smooth and easy to maintain. Best of all, the TC-1S is the most cost effective fastener in the Tiger Claw line and can be used in 70% of your deck projects!

Tiger Claw TC-1S for Softwood

Tiger Claw TC-1S for Softwood

The Tiger Claw TC-1S is recommended for use in softwood decking measuring 1” or thicker and works in many varieties of lumber including cedars, firs, spruce, pine and redwood. Even lower-end pressure treated decks can look as good as finished hardwood floors when you choose the Tiger Claw TC-1S. Because the TC-1S is made of steel, with a black sealer topcoat, it is perfect for almost any location (for oceanfront homes and docks, DIY Home Center carries the Tiger Claw TC-2S). The TC-1S is sold in boxes of 90 and include screws and the installation block tool. Installation is simple and can be completed with a few basic tools.

DIY Home Center has the Tiger Claw TC-1S in stock and ready to ship for your next project. Buy 2 or more boxes, and we’ll include free ground shipping on your order. We also offer same day fast shipping options, for those times when you need your supplies in a hurry – Call us at 888-349-4660.

Stop by DIY Home Center to learn more about the TC-1S and the other great Tiger Claw fasteners for all decking surfaces. While you’re visiting, check out our Penofin Pentrating Oil and Wood Stains, Tiffany Style Post Caps, and Deckorators balusters to finish off your customers’ decks with undeniable style that will bring compliments… and referrals!

Tiger Claw Installation Gun – Now Compatible with Trex Hideaway

In addition to being compatible with Tiger Claw TC-G and the TimberTech CONCEALoc, the Tiger Claw Installation Gun is now compatible with the Trex Hideaway hidden deck fastener thanks to a new double sided installation head.   One side of the head is compatible with the TC-G and CONCEALoc, while the other side is compatible with the Hideaway.

If you are a contractor and are installing hidden fasteners into slotted decking, the Tiger Claw installation gun is a must have.    You can learn about the gun here.

As of today (11/19/09), the information and imagery on our website has not been updated so don’t be confused when it describes only being compatible with the TC-G and CONCEALoc.

Here is a picture of the new double sided installation head. The Hideaway fits on the left side, while the TC-G and CONCEALoc fit on the right side.

Tiger Gun Nose

Tiger Claw Gun Nose

And here’s a picture of the gun. The original Tiger Claw gun was orange in color. The new guns, with the double sided nose, are gray.

Tiger Claw Installation Gun

Tiger Claw Installation Gun

You can purchase the Tiger Claw Installation Gun here