Replace Your UV Bulb Now with Purely UV Bulbs

Did you know that experts recommend replacing your UV bulbs at least once a year? If you want to ensure the effectiveness of your UV bulbs and UV sterilizer lamps, now is the time of year to replace them.

Whether you’re using your bulb for a koi pond or an aquarium, we consider Purely UV 100% quartz germicidal ultraviolet bulbs the bulb of choice.

UV Bulb replacements

Replace UV Bulbs Once a Year for the Best Performance

Guaranteed to last for 8,000 hours, and often more affordable than other leading brands, Purely UV bulbs are a great replacement bulb for air, water and pond filters, and sterilizer applications.

We know that it might be confusing to replace your UV bulbs, so we made it super-easy for you to find the right replacement bulb. You can cross-reference by manufacturer or just scroll down on our UV bulb page, hold up your current bulb, and match its base to the one you see on your screen.

Aside from being a great UV bulb, there is another great reason to purchase Purely UV bulbs—to support a great humanitarian cause.

For every bulb you purchase, a dozen diapers are donated to diaperLove, an organization that distributes diapers to families where, due to economic circumstances, children sometimes spend days in a soiled diaper. You can prevent this without any extra work or cost—just go to our site and replace your current bulb with a Purely Products one.

Check out our great selection of Purely UV bulbs on DIY Home Center.

An Easy Way to Support Families In Need — And You Can Help!


DIY Home Center Donates to DiaperLove

Last year, thanks to you and Purely Products, every time you bought Purely UV Bulbs, we donated 12 diapers to diaperLove. We donated over 12,500 diapers! That meant that children in need, who sometimes spend days in a soiled diaper, were able to get changed more often—and be more comfortable.

Helping people—especially babies and children—feels great, and we want to do it again! In fact, we’ve already started. With the help of you and Purely Products, we’ve donated over 1,800 diapers so far this year.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to help. All you need to do is buy Purely UV’s 100% quartz UV germicidal replacements bulbs for air, water and pond filters and sterilizers and we donate a dozen diapers to diaperLove—automatically.

It doesn’t cost you anything extra—no extra time, no extra money, no extra clicks. Just stock up on your Purely UV’s and we’ll do the rest.

Unlike food and medicine, not many organizations are helping to make sure children have clean diapers. Yet, when children aren’t able to get a fresh diaper, serious emotional stress and health problems can develop.

That’s why we think it’s really great what diaperLove, Purely Products, and you are helping accomplish.

Remember, all you need to do is buy Purely UV’s from DIY Home Center and we do the rest. If you’re looking for a way to get the good feeling of giving back, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Last year we donated 13,104 diapers. Can you help us do more this year?

12,500 Diapers Donated to diaperLove! Thank You!

For growing numbers of families caught in personal or economic crisis and natural disasters, a supply of disposable diapers is an ongoing critical need that is unrecognized and unmet. There are wonderful organizations that feed, clothe, heal and house children, but a major void exists in meeting the basic, fundamental, hygienic need for an adequate supply of diapers. To address this vacancy, the diaperLove charity was created to provide diapers to children in need.

DiaperLove Donation with Purely UV Bulbs

We at DIY Home Center were humbled to be partnering with diaperLove and Purely Products to cover as many bottoms as we could in 2011 by donating 12 diapers with any Purely UV bulb purchase. We are so happy to announce that we have already achieved our goal of 12,500 diapers, three months early!

We would like to first thank to Purely Products for their assistance in facilitating this partnership. A company who aims to put products in customers’ hands that make eco-friendly decisions for clean, healthy living easier ad more affordable, Purely UV’s 100% quartz UV germicidal replacements bulbs for air, water and pond filters and sterilizers are top rate tools for cleanliness, and we are proud to carry such an exceptional product.

Secondly, we would like to thank diaperLove for working tirelessly to assist children and families in need of diapers. Their work eases the burden of this important hygienic need in communities throughout the country, and we are all stronger because of their assistance.

Lastly, we thank everyone who helped us reach this goal of 12,500 diapers donated by purchasing Purely UV bulbs from us. With diaperLove helping communities, Purely Products promoting good health with superior products like UV bulbs, and our customers helping us achieve this lofty goal with these organizations, we realize how lucky we are.

Some of the Most Popular UV Bulbs from Purely are Back in Stock!

Purely UV 5 Watt UV Bulb, G23 Base

Eliminate microorganisms & impurities

If you are replacing UV bulbs in your air or water purifiers after a long winter or just preparing for spring by replacing your bulbs for koi ponds or aquariums, we are happy to say that we have just received new inventory of many of our most popular Purely UV 100% quartz germicidal ultraviolet replacement bulbs!

These include:

  • PUVH2305 5 watt UV bulbs – A common replacement for Aqua Medic, Clear Stream, Commodity Axis, Fish Mate, Hozelock Cyprio, Tetra Pond and Thera Pure brands.
  • PUVLF43H 57 watt UV bulbs – Compatible with Emperor Aquatics, Savio and a wide variety of Aqua UV bulbs.
  • PUVLF065 65 watt UV bulbs – Compatible with Emperor Aquatics 65 and 130 Watt SMART UV bulbs
  • PUVP0040 40 watt UV bulbs – A compatible replacement for Pentair Aquatics QL-Series (compatible with bulb 175231)

We are also thrilled to be partnering with diaperLove charity to donate a dozen diapers for ever Purely UV purchase you make! That means every time you buy Purely UV bulbs from us, we’ll donate one dozen diapers automatically. You don’t have to do anything extra, except know you’re helping a family in need! For more information, simply click the diaperLove button at the bottom of any of our site pages.

Lastly, don’t forget we offer 15% OFF & FREE Shipping when you order 3 or more of the same bulb.  All other shipping is a flat $6, so order as many as you like!

Find the Perfect Replacement UV Bulbs for Filters, Sterilizers

If you use UV bulbs in your pond, water or air filter or sterilizer, you know that there are an overwhelming number of replacement bulbs on the market. And you may also know that timely replacement of your old bulbs is extremely important: Your germicidal ultraviolet bulb’s effectiveness will decrease with age and hours used.

100% Quartz Purely UV bulbs

At DIY Home Center, we want shopping for your replacement UV bulbs to be quick and convenient, and we want you to have confidence that you’ve made the right selection. That’s why DIY Home Center offers two easy ways to find your perfect UV bulb match, and why we carry only 100% quartz first quality Purely UV germicidal replacements bulbs.

We make locating the correct replacement bulb for your product – from air purifiers to pond filters – simple. Just visit our handy UV Replacement Bulb Cross Reference Database and select your manufacturer from the alphabetical list, then choose your individual product from the results. Alternately, you can also locate your germicidal bulb by base by matching your existing bulb to one of the bases pictured, then matching the wattage or length of your bulb. Either way, you’ll quickly be shown the perfect premium Purely UV bulb for your needs.

Remember: When you order 3 or more of the same bulb, you’ll get 15% OFF + FREE Shipping! All other shipping is a flat $6; order as many as you like!

Share your photos: We’d love to see your pond! Send us your photos at and we’ll feature them in a future post! Be sure to let us which Purely UV bulb you use…

Purely Products Earth Week Promotion

Pocket Purifier

Pocket Purifier



In celebration of Earth Week, our friends at Purely Products are celebrating with a ‘2010 for 2010’ promotion.

What is it?  It’s a free giveaway of up to 2010 of their environmentally friendly products!

How do you get one?  Simple!

  1. Become a fan on their Purely Products Facebook fan page & share a post of the 2010 Purely Earth Day Giveaway. OR….
  2. Become a new Twitter follower @purelyproducts & retweet the promotion (of course you can do both). IF…
  3. You’re already a Purely Products Facebook fan or a Twitter follower, share the post on your FB page or retweet the promotion. THEN…
  4. Email Purely at and tell them if you tweeted or Facebook fanned them and include your shipping address.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – PLEASE READ! — Please be sure to join the appropriate Purely Products Twitter or Facebook Fan Page described above. Also, be sure to e-mail Purely Products at the e-mail address listed in step 4. We have received several e-mails here at DIY from people confusing as a DIY Promotion (it is not). If you sent us an e-mail, don’t worry, we’ve already forwarded it to Purely Products, but be sure to do step 1 or 2!  You can learn more about their promotion on their blog.

Be sure to check out a video demonstration of the Healthy CFL below!