Work with the Best: Screw Products C-Deck Color Matches Trex, TimberTech and More!

Full C-Deck screws color chart

Is deck repair or deck installation on your to do list this summer? If it is, you’ll want to know about all the brands and styles that Screw Products C Deck composite deck screws can color match.

C-Deck screws eliminate mushrooming and blemishes that occur on composite material. You pay a lot for your deck material, so it makes sense to fasten it down with a good, quality screw. C-Deck also works great for wood—in fact, the screws are even strong enough to hold down warped lumber.

We like recommending Screw Products because they are so easy to use. You know how annoying it is when the screwdriver or drill bit slips off the screw. Screw Products screws have Star Drive—which means the screws drive without any kind of slippage whatsoever. They are also threaded to drive in more easily, so they cruise through the toughest of composite materials.

In other words, they are just a lot easier to work with, and when you’re driving a lot of screws, easy is good.

Screw Products has made sure that everyone can benefit from their great product by compiling a long list of brands and styles that C-Deck screws color match (pdf). Check out the list and find your brand and style and select the right C-Deck screw for your upcoming project.

Star Drive Screws Make Projects Easier

Star Drive Wood Screws

Star Drive Wood Screws

Seasoned pros frequently advise that “you gotta have the right tools for the job.” It’s true–the right tools make all the difference–and that’s why we recommend star drive screws. Simply put, they’re the right tool for the job.

The first thing you’ll notice is how much easier star drive screws drive. If you’ve ever stripped a screw head (who hasn’t), or you’ve had the screwdriver or drill slip off the screw, you’ll appreciate how star drive screws handle more torque than ordinary screws and how your screwdriver or drill practically locks into place on the screwhead.

The next thing you’ll notice is how much easier it is to remove star drive screws. If you’ve ever tried unscrew something and realized that you’re just stripping the screw, you know how frustrating regular screws can be. That’s when you’ll be glad you used star drive screws because of the increased torque they can handle without stripping.

You can imagine how much easier a bigger project is without experiencing the problems that come with regular screws. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that increasing numbers of professional deck builders and woodworkers are using star drive screws for their projects.

If you’re tired of the problems with regular screws, make the switch to star drive, and check out our large selection at DIY Home Center.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Do-It-Yourselfers

While some people are hard to buy for, do-it-yourselfers are easy—just give them something that gets them started on a project. These gifts aren’t just for do-it-yourselfer though—there are plenty of items on this list that are perfect for shop or homeowners that don’t require much skill to set up and enjoy.

Here are our top five gift ideas for this holiday season.

Our #1 Pick:  Screw Products Kits

Wood Screw Kit

Wood Screw Kit

The do-it-yourselfer in your life is sure to appreciate Screw Products top of the line wood screws that drive easier, reduce camout, and are practically impossible to strip. Screw Products Kits are great holiday gifts for homeowners, woodworkers and hobbyists—you might even be tempted to buy one or two for yourself! These economical and compact assortment kits are the perfect accessory for the home, garage or workshop. And now’s the time to buy because we’ve never seen these kits priced so low—plus they ship free!

Screw Assortment Kits

Our #2 Pick:  HeatTrak Heated Outdoor Mats

HeatTrak Mats

HeatTrak Mats

You know those porch stairs that are always getting icy and slippery? Or that walkway that you’ve shoveled every hour and there is still snow on it? These inconveniences and safety hazards are a thing of the past with HeatTrak Heated Outdoor Mats. Just plug them in and watch as they melt up to two inches of snow per hour. Not to mention that it melts snow without the use of chemicals, salt or chloride. This gift is great for a person who is advancing in years—or the person who would rather sip on coffee indoors than heft shovels full of snow!

Heattrak Mats

Our #3 Pick: Outdoor Essentials

Jade Bird Bath

Jade Bird Bath

Perhaps you know someone who will appreciate a bird bath as a great way to attract birds to their yard. Stepping stones are perfect for someone with flower beds or gardens or any mulched area that could benefit from carving a path through it. And what gardener wouldn’t appreciate the M Brace? It’s an easy, elegant, and practical way to quickly create a raised garden bed. If you have someone on your list that enjoys working out in the yard, they’re sure to appreciate receiving one of these outdoor essentials.

Outdoor Essentials

Our #4 Pick: Polywood

Polywood Furniture

Polywood Furniture

It’s winter now, but it won’t be for long.  These eco-friendly, rock-solid chairs, benches, planters and more make perfect outdoor furniture and fixtures—and they’ll last a lifetime. A swing might be a perfect gift for someone with a porch, or consider giving lounging chairs to that relative with the pool—or that relative who just likes to lounge! There are plenty of Polywood products to make a perfect gift for nearly any person’s lifestyle.

Polywood Furniture

Our #5 Pick: M Brace Mini

M Brace Mini

M Brace Mini

We’ve all tried to shop for kids that seem have everything. Show you really care by getting a unique gift for that special child in your life. M Brace Mini makes gardening fun for your little ones – and their DIYer parents & grandparents! Surprise your loved one with the perfect framework for a butterfly garden or the most stylish sandbox on the block!

M Brace Mini

Fast Railing Section Installs with Screw Products RailLok

RaillokThe RailLok by Screw Products is a quick and secure way to attach your pre-assembled railing sections to rail posts.

Available in white or black powder coat finish, the RailLok brackets can contribute a stylish flair in addition to providing excellent lateral strength for this important deck connection.

The RailLok quickly installs to the rail post using four screws for each bracket. Just measure your distances, mark off the install locations, and then screw the brackets into place. When four RailLoks are mounted, you can place the pre-assembled railing section in the RailLok slots and then fasten the rail section into place using two screws.

Featuring quick installs and safe, secure connections, the RailLok is a great product to make sure your railings are well-mounted and locked into place. These brackets are built to outlast the life of the railing, making them a safe investment for your deck’s longevity.

Screw Products RailLok is available now at DIY Home Center.

A Closer Look at Why Heat Treated Screws Matter

Heat Treated Screws

Heat Treated Screws

The more work you do, the more you pay attention to the little details. Two details that are easy to overlook when you’re fumbling through screw bins at the store are the screw’s treatment and coating. Those are details that Screw Products pays quite a bit of attention to.

Screw Products heat treated screws are heat treated carbon steel with a coating. Heat treated carbon steel screws have greater strength and have a bending property which prevents snapping. (Think of an airplane wing bending–disconcerting yes–but much better than breaking!) That bending and not breaking property, and the overall strength of the screw is comforting to have when your fastener application is a deck or a heavy cabinet or TV.

After treatment comes the coating. The coating on the screw differs depending on whether the screw is for interior or exterior use. For interior use, you definitely don’t want the screw to rust, as that could transfer to the material and cause damage. For exterior use, the coating has to stand up to the elements and to the chemicals used on pressure treated wood, for example.

Screw Products Gold Star screw is a high quality interior screw. It is available for projects that require extra long screws, for cabinets, and for multi-purpose applications. It’s a triple-coated yellow zinc that works great inside, but is not recommended for exterior applications.

For exterior applications, use Screw Products’ Bronze Star screws–they use a proprietary coating that has shown over 1200 hours corrosion resistance in both ACQ & salt spray tests. Those phenomenal numbers allow Screw Products to offer a guarantee that replaces any corroded fasteners and provides a fair means of remedy for the re-installation of defective fasteners for the life of the project. Check their website for details.

For the wettest and most corrosive places–coastal environments–use the Silver Star, a stainless steel screw.

For someone just starting out as a do-it-yourselfer, all the choices for something as simple as a screw might seem overwhelming. That’s why when you check out the Screw Products page on our website, you’ll see all of the screws grouped together based on their application. Just read the headlines and a little bit of descriptive text and you’re sure to get the right screw for your project.

Check out our selection of Screw Products today.

Easy & Affordable Raised Garden Beds With Timber Hex

Looking for fun DIY projects that won’t break the bank and aren’t overly complex? With Screw Products Timber Hex screws, garden timber, and a little sweat (and possibly a tan), you can put together a raised garden bed or a planter as a fun weekend project.

How To Build A Raised Garden Bed – Photo by This Old House

You might think of using spikes with garden timber lumber, but Timber Hex screws are a superior alternative for many reasons.

One, they hold better and install faster than spikes.

They’re also reusable. Last year’s project can be disassembled and reassembled as something better–using the same materials.

Of course, you also get all the advantages of Screw Products screw–a free bit, no stripping, no camout, and a screw that digs into the material without requiring Herculean force.

Screw Products Timber Hex Screws come in #14×4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. You can purchase in bulk, which gives you 250 screws, or buy a jar with 50 screws.

landscape timber screws

So, if you’re thinking of a fun outdoor project that uses garden timbers, and you want it to last, check out Screw Products Timber Hex Screws, now available at DIY Home Center.

See a complete step-by-step guide on how to build a raised garden bed with landscape timbers at This Old House

Screw Products C-Deck Screws Approved For Use with Trex Decking!

Screws for Trex Decking

Screw Products C-Deck Screws Approved For Trex Decking

Screw ProductsC-Deck screws have been approved for use with Trex decking! Well, OK, maybe you’re not as excited as we are.

But we think that exclamation point is well-deserved because Screw Products and Trex are both high quality deck products that are great to work with–and they produce beautiful looking decks.

Camout, that frustrating sensation of a screwdriver slipping out of the screw head (yeah, you know what we’re talking about), is a thing of the past with Screw Products screws. These screws bite into the material, driving easily while preventing mushrooming.

And Trex is the country’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railing and fencing products. They have a well-deserved reputation of providing quality deck products that never crack, rot, or splinter.

So, when you combine these two products, you’re likely to end up with a beautiful deck that’s perfect for a quiet night of conversation and wine or a boisterous gathering with your family and friends.

We don’t stock Trex decking, but we’re definitely the place to go to for the C-Deck screws! If you are looking for screws for Trex decking, we have them in stock now at DIY Home Center.

Screw Products Inc. Screws Eliminate Common DIY Headaches

Here’s a tip for your next DIY project that involves screws: Use Screw Products star drive screws that virtually eliminate all of the common frustrations with using other screws.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • Screws that “walk” when you screw them in so that they’re not in the right place
  • Screw heads that strip so you have to press extremely hard—or grab a pliers and try to twist it out
  • Always having to pre-drill holes (sure, you’ll still have to pre-drill sometimes, but much less than you would with an ordinary screw)

Star Drive Screws
Maybe you thought these were just inevitabilities of home improvement work. But they’re not.

Screws made by Screw Products bite into the material with less effort so you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to apply enough pressure to get the screw in. They feature Star Drive recess which can handle twice the torque as a Phillips or Square drive—no more stripping screws, or having the screwdriver slip off the screw (camout).

Screw Products screws have deep, wide threads that help the screw cut cleanly, which reduces splitting, cracking, and mushrooming.

Basically, all the problems you’ve had with traditional screws are eliminated with Screw Products. Also, if you’re thinking you’ll have to get a bit for the screws, forget it.

When you buy a 1lb., 5lb., or bulk jar of screws, not only do you get long-lasting, premium quality screws—you also get a free bit. Just open the jar and you’re ready to go.

Screw Products include cabinet screws, construction lag screws, finish screws, standard exterior screws, trim head screws, extra-long screws, heavy duty screws, multipurpose screws, pocket screws (compatible with Kreg Jig screws), composite decking screws, stainless steel deck screws, plus fascia and fencing screws. In addition, Screw Products include driver bits, bit holders, cement board screws, gutter screws, The Deck Clip, DeckLok, Reamer Tek Screws, Tapcon Screws and assorted screw kits.

Practically any project can benefit from Screw Products screws. That’s why we’re happy to stock Screw Products at DIY Home Center.  If you have any questions, call us at 888-349-4660 or leave a comment below.