Memorial Day Holiday Hours

Our customer service and shipping will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2017. 

All operations will resume on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 8 AM CST.

In memory of those who have sacrificed and in honor of all who served. 

Have an enjoyable Memorial Day.

DeckWise Cable Railing – Shop WiseRail at DIY Home Center

Deckwise WiseRail cable railing with lake view

DIY Home Center is delighted to announce the addition of DeckWise WiseRail products to our ever-expanding selection of deck products. We feel that the quality workmanship in DeckWise products makes them a good fit for our customers and our commitment to only offering the best decking products available on the market today.

About DeckWise WiseRail
DeckWise WiseRail helps you create a sleek, secure barrier between the wooden posts on your deck. They can be used on stairs as well. This product features a stainless steel cable fitted with two anchors, one at each end. The anchors can either be screwed into a wooden post or secured using a bolt and washer set. Accessories, such as mounting tabs, cable cutters and other installation tools may be ordered separately. DeckWise WiseRail decking cables are available in three different styles and in lengths from 5′ to 50′. Stair cables are available for lengths between 5′ and 20′.

Cable railing used in interior design

Benefits of Cable Railings
There are many good reasons to choose cable railing over wooden rails. For one thing, they are much less intrusive and will make your deck appear larger and more open. Cable railings won’t obstruct your view as wooden spindles do, allowing you to fully enjoy that water, woods or city view. In addition, stainless steel cable railings require very little maintenance, unlike wood that has to be sealed or stained every few years. Cable railings are also versatile and adapt to most every architectural and design style, including use as an interior railing. They can be installed either horizontally or vertically. Of course, stainless steel cables also add value to your home when it comes time to put your property on the market. Since cable rails are very durable, the new homeowner knows that he or she won’t have to replace them for years to come.

Where to Buy DeckWise WiseRail Products
For more information about how to create the deck of your dreams or to order quality DeckWise WiseRail cable railings for your next decking project, visit DIY Home Center today.

Starborn Industries Screws and Fasteners – Now Available at DIY Home Center

DIY Home Center is thrilled to announce that we have just started carrying quality products by Starborn Industries. We think Starborn fasteners and screws are a great addition to our wide selection of decking products. At DIY Home Center, we are committed to being your one-stop resource for all of the materials you need to create a beautiful, luxurious deck.

Pro Plug System

The Starborn Pro Plug system is used for decks, trim and wood projects, popular choices are composite deck plugs and wood deck plugs. This is a two-piece fastener system. First, you drill a long wood screw into the wood, leaving it about 1/2 below the surface. Then, you top the screw with a dab of wood glue and top with a wooden plug. Not only does this system hold the wood boards in place for years to come, it creates a smooth, seamless deck surface. You also don’t have to worry about rust stains from the screws coming into contact with rainwater and melting snow. The screws in the Starborn Pro Plug system are available in two lengths — 1 5/8″ and 2 1/2″.

Pro Plug System for PVC

Headcote Screws

Another popular Starborn product that we’ve added are Headcote screws. These fasteners are used for hardwood, cedar, redwood and pressure-treated decking. They feature color-matched heads so that the fasteners blend in with the flooring, decking or baseboards. The color finish is added using a powder-coated technique where the color actually fuses to the metal. This means that you don’t have to worry about the color chipping or flaking, even in heavy traffic areas. Starborn Headcote screws are available in many different hues.

Headcote color options

About Starborn Industries

Brooklyn-based Starborn Industries, in business since the early 1960s, has been one of the leading manufacturers of screws and fasteners since the 1980s. They were one of the first companies to recognize that wooden decks have unique needs when it comes to fasteners.

About DIY Home Center

Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, DIY Home Center has been helping homeowners find the quality products they need for DIY projects since 2004. Fast delivery, competitive pricing and personalized service are just a few of the reasons DIY Home Center has a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

For more information, and to order quality Starborn products including, Cap-Tor xd, Deckfast and Smart-Bit for your next deck and wood projects, visit today.

Copper Products Add Style to Your Home!

Copper continues to maintain its popularity in interior home design and remodeling. Natural products give your home a perfect combination of warm tones and high style texture. With Premier Copper Products, you are guaranteed the highest quality hand-made products that suit any budget. Find one-of-a-kind copper products to give your home sophistication and style.

Copper Bathroom Sinks & Faucets

A bathroom is one of the most classic areas to add a copper element in your home. Warm up your bathroom with the rich color of a hand-crafted copper bathroom sink and copper bathroom faucet. Give your bathroom the finishing touch it needs with a copper mirror.

Round Wired Rimmed Vessel Hammered Copper Sink


The perfect way to create a grand focal point and spa-like retreat in your bath… make a statement with a copper bathtub.

60″ Hammered Copper Bathtub With Rings

Copper Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Kitchens are known to be the gathering spot for family, friends and neighbors. A copper kitchen sink and copper kitchen faucet are sure to add a distinctive touch, admired by all. In addition to the sheer beauty of copper, it is also naturally antimicrobial. Since by nature it is able to resist bacteria, copper is certainly a practical choice for any kitchen.

Hand Hammered Copper 10.5″ Dome Pendant Light

Copper Lighting & Accessories

Although large statement pieces add a dramatic flare, a combination of copper accessories gives the same aesthetic value and charm.

Hand Hammered Copper 13″ Large Pendant Light


Be sure to make a statement in your home. Shop Premier Copper Products at DIY Home Center for that much-desired copper piece – strong, durable and sure to last.

Start the New Year in Style with Trex

The new year has arrived! With 2017 upon us, it is the perfect time to dream up new ideas and make plans for new projects. Trex has prepared this inspirational blog, to help you get started planning your perfect deck. To prepare for your spring projects, find Trex deck materials and Trex furniture at

Trex decking products from gates and railings to fasteners and lighting:

Trex outdoor furniture from dining sets and benches to swings and loungers:


Holiday Customer Service and Shipping Hours

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Please keep in mind our holiday customer service and shipping schedule for the Christmas Holiday and New Years.

Customer Service & Shipping

Christmas: Customer service & shipping will be closed on Friday, December 23rd – Monday, December 26th and will resume on Tuesday, December 27th at 8:00 am CST.

New Years: Customer service & shipping will be closed on Monday, January 2nd and will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd at 8:00 am CST.

Product Deliveries

Christmas: There will be no FedEx and UPS deliveries Saturday, December 24th – Monday, December 26th  and will resume on Tuesday, December 27th.

New Years: There will be limited FedEx deliveries on Saturday, December 31st and Tuesday, January 3rd and no deliveries on Sunday, January 1st and Monday, January 2nd. All FedEx deliveries will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd. There will be no UPS deliveries on Saturday, December 31st – Monday, January 2nd and will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Enjoy time with your friends and family and Happy New Year!

Tyvek Protec – The Latest in Synthetic Roof Underlayment by DuPont

DuPont Tyvek continues to set the highest standards in the roofing underlayment industry. In their quest to continually provide high quality products to their customers, they have recently introduced the Protec family of products.

Using innovative materials, DuPont Tyvek Protec brings a combination of efficiency and protection while maintaining durability and long lasting weatherization. So, you can be confident the job is done right.

A unique feature that sets Protec apart from the rest is its embossed pattern, which allows for better traction and grip while walking on your roof. Check out this video to see how DuPont Tyvek has considered both the quality of its Protec products as well as the safety of those who are installing it.

To further appeal to the needs of its customers, the Protec line offers 3 levels of roof liner to choose from.  All Protec products guarantee lightweight durability, a wrinkle free surface for smother installation and excellent moisture protection. From a more moderate price point to premium grade, choose a Protec line to suit your needs. While Protec is great for any roof type, the 160 and 200 series are designed with heavy tile and slate roofs in

Be confident in your roof installation and visit DIY Home Center to purchase your DuPont Tyvek Protec 120, Tyvek Protec 160 or Tyvek Protec 200 roofing underlayment.