FastenMaster TrapEase 3 Makes Your Deck Installation Faster and Stronger

TrapEase 3_Family_wspotter

FastenMaster TrapEase 3

Last week, we shared information about FastenMaster TORX TTAP used by FastenMaster Cortex and FastenMaster TrapEase 3. This week, we want to take a closer look at the FastenMaster TrapEase 3. It’s a versatile deck screw designed for use with composite, PVC, and capstock decking. The FastenMaster TrapEase 3 provides a clean, finished look with a quick, streamlined install.

The TrapEase 3 uses the TORX® TTAP® Drive System which makes the screws stick easily and drill in without wobble and without stripping — no pre-drilling required. The screw drives into the deck board easily and leaves no mushrooming effect.

Each box comes with the bit and spotter lid. The spotter lid makes it easy to have perfectly placed screws, for straight or angled decking, and provides a consistent install with a great finished look. The screws come in 75, 350, and 1050 piece boxes which will cover 20, 100, and 300 square feet of deck, respectively.

The TrapEase 3 is available in an array of color painted screws to match popular decking boards. A corrosion warranty lasts for the life of the project.  If you’re looking for a versatile screw that installs fast and clean into composite, PVC, and capstock–the TrapEase 3 is perfect. We have FastenMaster TrapEase 3 at DIY Home Center.

CAMO Fasteners Approved for use with DuraLife Decking

DuraLife has approved CAMO for use with their high quality decking products.

We like the CAMO Hidden Fastening System because it’s easy to work with and produces great results. CAMO’s Marksman Pro–and their high quality screws–help fasten deck boards quickly and efficiently. DuraLife is another outstanding product known for it’s durability and strength.

With CAMO being approved for use with DuraLife, that means that not only is the product compatible, but that DuraLife thinks the results are so good that they recommend CAMO to be used with their product. So, if you’re considering a deck using DuraLife, you should also consider hiding your fasteners using the CAMO Hidden Fastening System.

When it comes time to selecting the correct CAMO fastener, CAMO has you covered with this guide (pdf).

Check out our selection of CAMO products at DIY Home Center.

Trex Hideaway Plastic Fasteners and Trex Escape Decking

A customer called in and asked, “Can I use Trex Hideaway Plastic Fasteners with Trex Escape Decking?”

What a great question. Maybe many of you have been wondering the same thing?

Trex Hideaway for Trex Decking

Trex Hideaway for Trex Decking

The answer is that you should use Trex Hideaway Steel Fasteners with Trex Escape decking. If you used the Hideaway Plastic fasteners, you might create noise with the PVC decking (you’ll never be able to sneak up on anyone!).

Trex Hideaway Plastic fasteners work with all the other Trex lines: Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance, and Trex Accents. Trex Hideaway Steel fasteners work with all Trex lines.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of high performance wood-alternative decking and railing, it’s no surprise that lots of people are wondering about Trex Decking Hidden Fasteners. We have lots of answers on our Common Questions page. If you don’t find it there, do what this customer did, ask!

We carry the full line of Trex Fasteners at DIY Home Center. We have a slot cutters, install guns, and everything else you need to get started.