Enjoy the Night with Azek Deck Lighting


Azek Post Cap Light

Decks aren’t just for daytime anymore. With Azek deck lighting you can easily imagine yourself, feet up, watching the moon rise and the stars come out.  The only thing that may be stopping you are the questions that arise and details needed during any light installation. Easily find the answers you need at Azek lighting to make your nighttime deck dreams a reality.

Our customers commonly ask  how many lights can be installed with one Azek light transformer?  The 100 watt Azek transformer can handle up to 90 watts, to prevent overloading. Because Azek deck lighting utilizes LED bulbs, a single 100W transformer is sufficient for most lighting projects. The azek-light-fixture-watt-chartfixture wattage chart, provided by Azek, makes it a breeze to calculate how many lights per transformer you can install.  For example: when installing the Azek Post Cap Light, with a wattage of 4W, you can install up to 22 lights per transformer.  That question and many others will be answered with Azek’s straightforward and well designed installation guide. Azek Installation Guide

Offered in a variety of lighting designs and options, you are sure to create the ambiance you are looking for.  Azek lighting comes in 5 styles: Post Cap, Lighted Island Cap, Accent, Under Rail, Stair Riser and In-Deck, to suit any placement. The Azek dimmer accessory, with remote, also gives you the flexibility to adjust the lighting level.  Then, to take your options one step further, Azek lighting works with both Azek and TimberTech deck and railing products.

Make sure you are getting the most out of your deck, both day and night!  To see all Azek deck products, visit DIY Home Center.

Just in Time for Fall–Trex DeckLighting

Trex Deck Lighting

Trex Deck Lighting

Why not enjoy these remaining summer evenings and soon-to-come fall evenings by putting some light on your deck and extending your deck season? No doubt you’ve seen the pictures showing how beautiful a subtly lit deck can be. With still-warm temperatures, now’s the time to  light your deck with Trex DeckLighting and enjoy it–even after the sun goes down.

Trex DeckLighting features LED post caps, rail lights, riser lighting, and recessed lighting–all of which can be turned on via remote control. The post caps come in either a pyramid or a flat style and all lighting types come in a variety of colors—Bronze – Hammered, Charcoal Black – Hammered, Classic White – Hammered, Fire Pit, Tree House, Vintage Lantern, Charcoal Black, Classic White, and Gravel Path. In other words, we think you’ll find a great match for your deck!

Trex is a well-known brand with a reputation for high quality deck products made in the USA. They’re deck lighting products are no exception.

For many people, fall is their favorite season. Even if it’s not yours, we know you love relaxing on your deck. And being able to see makes it even better. Get some more deck life out of this fall season—and the many to come—with Trex DeckLighting, available now at DIY Home Center.

Highpoint Deck Lighting: Why Upgrade to LED Lighting?

Highpoint Lighting

Highpoint Lighting

Have you heard the phrase energy vampire? An Energy vampire is a device that consumes power in standby mode. Cell phone chargers, plasma TVs, game consoles, and more all consume energy when they are plugged in and not being used. It’s estimated that the average US household spends an additional $100 on their energy bill to power these energy vampires.

You can think of incandescent light bulbs as energy vampires when compared with LED lighting. Take the Highpoint Berkley Rail Light (a beautiful light, by the way) which comes with an incandescent light bulb that consumes 11 watts of energy. An LED bulb for the Berkley Rail Light uses only 1.5 watts of energy. The incandescent bulb consumes about seven times more energy–which also means it costs you about seven times more to operate.

Aside from saving money on operating cost, you save money on the wiring and on the transformer. When you upgrade to LED lighting, you can use the 18/2 low voltage wire which is cheaper than the 12/2 wire.

With LED lights, you need much less wattage on your transformer (the LED wedge bulbs can be powered by A/C or DC so you can use the standard A/C transformer–some LED lights are DC only). If you’re running 20 lights on the transformer, you can save around $100 because you’ll only need a 44 watt transformer for the LED lights (instead of the 300 watt transformer you would need if using the 11 watt incandescent bulbs).

Of course, you will spend more money on the LED bulbs. But keep in mind these LED bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours of use! Incandescent bulbs can’t come close to that, and on average only get 1,000 to 2,000 hours of use.

We think it’s a smart move to upgrade to LED lighting–and so do a lot of others, which is why many governments around the world are passing measures to increase lighting efficiency, effectively banning incandescent lights which can’t meet the new standards.

Ready to upgrade? Here’s a pro tip: When you buy your transformer, you should only plan to use about 80% of the total transformer capacity. Using the full capacity of your transformer is like driving your car with the “pedal to the metal.”

One more tip: Head on over to DIY Home Center for all your Highpoint Deck Lighting needs–and more!

Highpoint Deck Lighting Now Offered at DIY Home Center

Highpoint Lighting

Sometimes a little change—like installing deck lighting—makes a huge difference. Highpoint Lighting not only makes a difference by illuminating those lovely fall evenings on your deck, it also adds an elegance that comes from quality materials and stylish design.

That’s why we’re really excited to offer Highpoint Deck Lighting at DIY Home Center.

Imagine: a few subtle recessed step fixtures to highlight your steps and give off just enough light for an evening of enjoyment on your deck.

Or picture a warm glow of light pouring out from underneath your deck’s built-in benches.

Or how about illuminating the underbody of a nearby tree with an up tree Highpoint light and enjoying majestic nighttime views of a lush, green or stunning fall-colored tree while seated comfortably on your deck?

Chances are, Highpoint has a style and look just for you, letting you achieve practically any lighting effect you want.

Highpoint products are made of high quality materials like bronze, brass, copper, and stainless steel. Highpoint’s Earthscape powder coated finishes ensure that your new fixtures age beautifully, simulating the colors of nature.

Highpoint fixtures can be purchased with LED lights (virtually indiscernible from incandescent and much lower cost to operate) and also come with either a limited lifetime or 5 year warranty, depending on the model purchased.

It’s no wonder we’re excited about being able to help you dress up your deck with Highpoint lighting. Head over to DIY Home Center and check out the Highpoint possibilities for your deck.

Aurora Deck Lighting Beats Shorter Days with Classy-Looking Deck Light Options

Aurora Sirius Deck Lights

Aurora Sirius Deck Lights

It’s not a popular subject for most, but there’s no denying it: the days are getting shorter and cooler. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy your deck for another couple months. Not when you can install Aurora Deck Lighting and put on a sweatshirt!

There’s no doubt that installing deck lighting on your deck adds a soothing ambiance and looks beautiful. But there’s also a practical side: being able to see.

Sure, you could install a spotlight. But we think you’d get more enjoyment out of having the soft glow of recessed deck lighting being illumined with the touch of a button on a remote control than with a bright spotlight summoning all the local bugs to your party.

Aurora Has Options for Any Deck

There are several options with Aurora Deck Lighting. You can get solar-lit post caps, pathway lights that install on the side of posts, or you can buy kits that help you install recessed lighting in your deck boards or strip LED lighting for your stairs or for under your deck rails.

Here’s something you might consider for decks without railings: Get the Aurora Phoenix Recessed Lighting Kit and install it on the perimeter of your deck. This will help you see all the deck edges at night and provide a soft glow that provides just enough light. These lights are available in a soft light, a brighter light, and a blue light.

For decks with railings, you could use the Aurora Deck Lighting Odyssey Strip LED Kit and install it underneath the railings and/or the stairs. These are really great for stairs–just think of how well that type of lighting works at movie theaters.

Aurora has plenty of options to meet your budget, your deck design, and the level of time you want to put into the project. You can check them all out on our Aurora Deck Lighting page on DIY Home Center and find out what is right for you.

Aurora Deck Lighting Illuminates Decks With LED, Low Voltage & Solar

Aurora Deck Lighting

Aurora Deck Lighting

You enjoyed the sunset, but now darkness has fallen and the weak light falling on your deck from inside the house isn’t enough to help you see. You reach for a small object next to your glass of wine, press a button, and dozens of LED lights come to the rescue, illuminating your deck with a beautiful, soft light.

That fantasy meets reality with Aurora Deck Lighting.

The deck is an extension of your home–another living area that can provide endless hours of wonderful enjoyment. You can enhance the beauty, create a mood, and increase the safety by installing lights made by Aurora Deck Lighting.

Aurora Deck Lighting features a large selection of different styles that will delight even the pickiest consumer.

They use rust-free aluminum and then powder coats their lights to provide a durable, lasting finish.

Aurora Deck Lighting has lights for post caps (fits any post size from 2” to 6½”), pathways, rails, and steps. You can choose from low voltage, line voltage (connects to 110 volt power supply), and solar lighting. The light fixtures come in a variety of colors such as black, tan, white, natural brown, and bronze to name a few.

Sure, you can light your deck with a spotlight. But with Aurora Lighting, you can light your deck and create a calm, soothing mood that lowers blood pressure without any side effects.

We’re excited to be offering Aurora Deck Lighting as a way for you to enhance the appeal of your outdoor living space even more. Check out our selection available now at DIY Home Center.

Think Fast! Three Deckorators Accessories to Quick-Fix a Plain Deck

With home sales still slow and lending still tight, now is a good time to make little improvements that can have a big impact. That means accessories, and as far as your deck is concerned, you can greatly improve its look and appeal by adding a few accessories from Deckorators.

Here are three ideas that you can incorporate quickly:

Add or Update Post CapsDeckorators Post Caps

Add class and style with Deckorators post caps which fit 4×4 and 6×6 posts and are available in aluminum, wood, copper, and solar.

Adding or updating post caps is a quick, easy way to change the look of your deck–for the better. Post caps can make a big difference in giving a deck that complete, finished look.

At least one of Deckorators different styles are sure to match your deck. And the solar post caps not only look great, but provide soft, functional lighting in the evening hours.

Add Baskets to Your Existing BalustersDeckorators baluster baskets

If you’ve already spruced up your deck with Deckorators balusters, adding baskets to them is a quick way to enhance your deck’s appeal without a lot of sweat. Coming in bronze or black, baskets fit neatly over Deckorators Classic Round Balusters.

The baskets feature the same quality and durability as the balusters, so you won’t have to worry about scratching or chipping.

Add Deckorators Deck Lighting to Illuminate Your Eveningsdeck lighting

When you’re out on your deck at night star gazing or just relaxing, it’s soothing to have the soft, subtle light of Deckorators’ lighting kit to illuminate your way or just the perimeter of the deck.

Besides safety, deck lighting makes your deck really pop in the evening and nighttime hours. We think deck lighting is one of the coolest, most noticeable (in a good way!) upgrades you can make to your deck.

There are a lot more products that can give you a way to update your deck without making major modifications. We think these three products by Deckorators will give you plenty of ways to enhance your deck for this deck season–without breaking the bank and without putting too much strain on your DIY muscles.

Check out Deckorators accessories at DIY Home Center.