Deck Gate Ideas For Your Outdoor Space


TimberTech Deck Gate

There are a variety of reasons to build a gate.  The practical reasons: Like, I have a pool and I am required by code. Or, I have dogs I would like to let out on my deck and ensure their safety. The not-so-practical reasons: Like, I love the look of a gate and want to elevate the style and appearance of my home.

No matter the reason, TimberTech makes adding a gate to your deck as simple as installing the balusters and railings.  If you have worked your way through your deck installation, the gate assembly is as easy as designing other sections of the deck. The only difference is mounting the gate section with hinges instead of directly to the post.

TimberTech RadianceRail offers an easy to install deck gate kit with square balusters.  Square balusters are recommended due to their strength and support. See this video for all of the information you need for installation.

Find all TimberTech products at DIY Home Center.


Azek Premier Railing – Excellence Guaranteed


Azek Premier Railing System

The Azek Premier Railing system is distinguished for bringing together the three most sought after qualities in a deck: stability, style and low maintenance.   Professional and DIY deck builders have come to know that Azek railing systems mean a stress free installation and guaranteed excellence.

With the Azek Premier Rail, you have the flexibility to choose.  Easily install the pre-drilled composite baluster rail pack to save yourself time without sacrificing style.  Or, if you are looking for a more customized profile, the custom rail pack accommodates aluminium balusters, cable railing or glass panel inserts.


Azek Lighting

Pride yourself on your attention to detail?  Consider some finishing touches by adding Azek lighting or create a custom Azek gate.  Azek products have the tools and accessories you need to take your project from concept to completion.  Find what you need at DIY Home Center to build your Azek railing.


TimberTech RadianceRail – Tips you can’t miss!

TimberTech Radiance Rail

TimberTech Radiance Rail

The TimberTech Radiance Rail is a much sought after deck railing, known for it’s  stylish and sophisticated design.  Of all railing designs, RadianceRail is the top selling railing style offered by TimberTech.  RadianceRail is offered in 6 colors along with standard and custom rail kits.  This gives DIYers and pro builders a variety of options and styles, to create a distinct look that reflects the personal style of any homeowner.

Along with RadianceRail, TimberTech also offers a more cost effective alternative, the RadianceRail Express.  A little know fact is RadianceRail can work in conjunction with RadianceRail Express.  The benefits of the combined systems are two fold, cost savings and a sleek style.

TimberTech RadianceRail Express

TimberTech RadianceRail Express

Tip #1: You can lower the cost of  your railing by using the RadianceRail Express post sleeve, post cap and post skirt along with the custom RadianceRail rails and balusters.

Tip #2: For those of you who have a smaller deck space, using the RadianceRail Express post sleeve, which is 4″, in place of the RadianceRail 5″ post sleeve, allows for a more sleek look and a more balanced deck design.

If you are in the market for a new deck railing and want a stylish yet cost effective way to make your railing a reality, this is the answer!  Go to DIY Home Center to combine the TimberTech RadianceRail and TimberTech RadianceRail Express to create a deck that is just right for you.  Check out all of TimberTech decking options from hidden deck fasteners to deck lighting.


Trex ADA Handrail For Your Deck


Trex ADA Hand Railing System

If you are looking to take your home to a higher level of safety and accessibility, you can improve your deck with Trex ADA compliant handrails.  Trex is known for both reliability and style.  Made with heavy duty aluminum and a fade & chip resistant finish, you know your Trex ADA handrail system will be both sturdy and stylish.

The Trex ADA hand railing system features a large compliment of components, to assure an easy installation. Whether you are mounting to wood or aluminum, the system includes fasteners for both, helping you create a seamlessly installed product.

Trex ADA Wall Mount

The Trex ADA handrails work well with Trex railing systems: Transcend, Reveal and Select.  In addition, you can choose from a variety of colors, including black, bronze or white, to finalize your look.

Visit DIY Home Center for ADA handrails on stair or ramp applications, as well as a wide selection of Trex products.

TimberTech Cable Railing – On Trend and Versatile

We are always looking for that “something special” to really make our home stand out from the crowd.  Here is an opportunity to make that statement piece in your own space. TimberTech CableRail will help you get a stylish cable railing system in your home!

CableRail_lrgThe versatility of TimberTech CableRail opens up a door of possibilities.  Whether you are in the market for a beautiful indoor staircase or you want to open up your outdoor deck view, TimberTech CableRail will work for both.  Looking to remodel? You can simply install cable railing hardware onto your existing frame. If new is what you are considering, watch this video for everything from preparation, installation, tool details and tips.

This video features TimberTech RadianceRail® to demonstrate a cable railing installation.


The TimberTech CableRail system is a do-it-yourself and easy to install product.  Even if you are a little handy, you can handle this project. You can make cable railing a reality in your home.

Check out the flexibility of TimberTech CableRail.  Your style may be rustic or contemporary (or both), either way a cable railing system can create that perfect balance.  For more TimberTech products go to DIY Home Center.

Trex Transcend, Reveal, and Select Railings Available Now!

Trex Railings

Trex Railings

Not that we’re lazy, but we think that making your deck as maintenance free as possible is a good thing. That’s why we love Trex composite materials–they’re high quality, look great, and they’re low maintenance. Of course Trex railings match perfectly with Trex decking, so offering them on our site was a no-brainer.

Trex railings offer something for everyone. From the top of the line to their most economical, all Trex railing styles are high quality, low-maintenance alternatives to traditional lumber.

The top of the line Transcend is virtually completely maintenance free. It features a deep wood grain pattern and a variety of colors that match Trex decking. The three-side shell protection on the Transcend railings ensures they’ll look as good as the day you bought them for many years to come.

Trex Reveal is an aluminum line with a minimalist style. This durable line is good for public spaces, affixes to landscapes (even if they are stone), and features near-zero maintenance. With Reveal you can use aluminum posts, or create a mixed material look with Reveal aluminum and Transcend Posts.

The Trex Select railing is a great way to get Trex quality and style and stay in a tighter budget. Featuring the shell technology that helps keep Trex railings maintenance-, stain-, and mold-free, Trex Select comes in 6 or 8 foot lengths and always uses Transcend Post Caps and Sleeves.

We think that with the Transcend, Reveal, or Select, you’ll be able to find the deck railing style that matches your deck, fits your budget, and minimizes maintenance. These three high quality Trex Railing products are now available at DIY Home Center.