5 Common Questions about WiseCoat Deck Stain & Sealer

Another great product is now available from DeckWise, a company known for their high quality wood finishes and sealers. It’s DeckWise WiseCoat, a hardwood deck finish that can waterproof and seal hardwood decking, the environmentally friendly way. To introduce this new DeckWise wood sealer, we have compiled a list of the five most common questions we have received about WiseCoat:


1 gallon can of DeckWise WiseCoat

1. What is DeckWise WiseCoat?

DeckWise WiseCoat is a premium hardwood deck, siding and fence waterproofing sealer that is non-toxic and low VOC. It has a water-based formula designed to protect against mold, mildew, dry rot, peeling, and cupping of wood for up to 6-10 years. WiseCoat has a semi-transparent tint that blocks UV’s to prevent hardwood from graying and also enhances the natural grain and texture of exotic hardwoods. It is available in a 1 gallon can that covers approximately 250-350 square feet.

2. What types of wood are compatible with WiseCoat?

  • Dark Hardwoods: Ipe, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Beefwood, Cherry, Cedar, Walnut, African Padauk, Merbau, Ebony, Live Oak, Brown Oak, Rosewood and Purple Heart.
  • Light Hardwoods: Tigerwood, Garapa, Teak, White Oak, Jatoba, Chestnut, Pine, Gum, Ironwood, Red Oak, Birch, Ashe, Alder, Aspen, Cypress, Hickory, Pecan, Poplar and Maple.

3. Where can DeckWise WiseCoat be used?

Use DeckWise WiseCoat on decks, fences, siding, outdoor furniture, docks, shake roofs, railings, timber framing and play sets.

4. How to apply DeckWise WiseCoat:

  1. Clean the hardwood surface and let dry.
  2. Mix, stir or shake the can of WiseCoat thoroughly before use.
  3. Apply two coats using a sprayer, brush or stain pad. Spray the wood surface with a mist of water and apply WiseCoat immediately. Back brush out any puddles.
  4. Let dry for 2-3 hours.
  5. Clean sprayer, brushes or other equipment with soap and water.
  6. Re-apply WiseCoat when necessary.

5. Where is WiseCoat sold?

DIY Home Center carries DeckWise WiseCoat Premium Hardwood Deck, Siding & Fence Sealer along with a wide selection of other DeckWise products. And if we didn’t cover a question you have about WiseCoat, feel free to ask us in the comments below or chat with us at diyhomecenter.com

Penofin Oil – Now available in Tigerwood and Ipe


Penofin for Hardwood

Penofin is a name that professionals and do-it-yourself home owners have come to rely on and trust. Penofin hardwood oil finish penetrates wood to create a strong, flexible, moisture and mildew resistant surface.   With Penofin, you are sure to get a rich, high grade finish in a variety of colors to match any style.





Penofin for Hardwood has expanded their color tone options.  In addition to the Transparent Natural color, they now offer Tigerwood and Ipe Oil.   Tigerwood gives your deck a rich red color with a hint of black and Ipe Oil will provide you with a deep, dark brown tone.

Penofin users know they can protect their exterior wood, interior wood and concrete surfaces for years to come, with a product that is easy to apply and maintain.  When applied according to directions, you will never need to strip or stain again!

Check out this video to see just how easy it is to apply Penofin to your hardwood deck.


Go to DIY Home Center to find a Penofin product for you. Now, in more hardwood colors!

How To Stain A Deck With Penofin Penetrating Oil

Whether it’s a barbeque with friends and family, a relaxing cup of coffee by yourself, or a glass of wine with your spouse, time spent on your deck is a little slice of paradise. To make sure it stays that way, however, you need to maintain it. If you have a wood deck, one way to ensure it lasts longer and stays beautiful is to use a high quality stain like Penofin.

Penofin Stain

How To Stain a Deck With Penofin Oil

Penofin stain was designed by a scientist with Ph.D.s in physics and nuclear physics because his friends dared him to make a product that was better than anything on the market.


To meet the challenge, the product “had to penetrate, seal, dry quickly, have minimum odor and bleed back, and be easy to apply. It also had to be stable enough to allow lacquers and varnishes to be sprayed over it if wanted.”

The rest is history and now Penofin (PENetrating Oil FINish) is well-regarded as a top-notch deck stain–one that we’re happy to distribute.

If you’ve stained before, staining with Penofin might be slightly different than with other stains. If you haven’t stained before, staining your deck is a rewarding project–but like any project, it goes more smoothly when you take your time and follow the directions!

How to Stain Your Deck with Penofin

  1. Make sure your deck needs staining. You can sprinkle some water on the deck and see if it absorbs immediately (you should stain your deck) or beads up on the deck and just sits there (your deck probably doesn’t need sealing just yet).
  2. Make sure you have everything you need:
    • Goggles
    • Broom
    • Deck cleaner
    • Hose (if pressure washing)
    • Brushes and rollers
    • Paint roller pans
    • Rags
    • Mask (if sanding)
    • Sandpaper / sanding tool (if sanding)
  3. Prepare yourself. Be patient and read the directions on every product you use. Check the weather and make sure you have several days of sunshine so your deck can dry out. Make sure it’s not going to be below 45 or above 80 degrees when you stain.

  4. Prepare the deck for staining. Clear everything off the deck. The manufacturer recommends that you use Penofin Pro Tech wood care products. The cleaner and brightener both come in powder form and are easily mixed with water. They take just minutes to apply and are environmentally safe. (If your deck is really in disrepair, you may need to sand it. Sand with the grain and wear a mask to avoid inhaling wood.)

  5. Stain the deck. Apply Penofin to a clean, dry surface, making sure the wood is not hot to the touch. Penofin can’t be applied over another stain, so make sure you’ve prepared the deck for staining.

  6. Brush on, use a stain pad, or spray on using a pump up sprayer equipped with plastic tip.

  7. After the stain has sat on the deck for 30 minutes, wipe off the extra stain with a cloth–don’t let the stain dry on top of the deck or it will get sticky and tacky.

  8. Wait at least 12 hours.

  9. Throw a party!

Not only does Penofin make your deck look great–and help it stay that way–the company strives to be socially responsible, promotes volunteerism, and strives for sustainability. Good values with great products are a win-win.

Check out our Penofin Penetrating Oil  selection, available now at DIY Home Center.