Enjoy the Outdoors with Deckorators

In the peak of summer, warm weather and sunshine rule the day and comfortable breezes fill the nights. The beauty is… it’s never too late to enjoy it! From your front porch to your back deck, Deckorators has what you need to maximize outdoor living.

Create a beautiful porch with a Deckorators CXT railing system. The finishing touches will make your outdoor space stand out from the rest. Choose from a variety of railing and baluster styles and colors, along with Deckorators Post Caps and accessories to give your home the added character you are looking for!


Deckorators CXT Classic Railing

Use the outdoors to entertain friends and family. Some people call it the Deckorators Aluminum railing system while others call it the Deckorators ALX railing system, we call it a great place for entertaining. Dress up your deck with a combination of luxury and comfort.


Deckorators ALX Railing System

Enjoy your space into the night with outdoor lighting. For relaxation and fun, Deckorators lighted post caps will extend your outdoor time well after the sun goes down. For easy installation, simply attach a Deckorators solar light to create that nighttime ambiance.


Deckorators Low Voltage Lighting

Enjoy your deck worry-free, for years to come with the Deckorators 25 year limited warranty. Find Deckorators products at DIY Home Center.

Deckorators Copper Balusters – New Color for 2012!

People are creating some great looks for their decks by combining different railing styles. We talked about Deckorators Matte Black Balusters already, but another product we’re looking forward to this spring is the new Deckorators Copper Balusters—they’ll look great with Deckorators copper post caps!

Deckorators Copper Balusters

Deckorators Copper Balusters

We like Deckorators because they look good—and they’re known for being strong and functional. In fact, Deckorators just passed AAMA 2604, a new standard that means the coating on their balusters has five times more outdoor exposure performance and two times more humidity exposure performance than the AAMA 2603 standard.

You can have confidence that Deckorators Copper Balusters will look great for a long time—with minimal care. Perfect for busy homeowners like yourself.

The copper baluster style isn’t available yet, but as soon as it is, DIY Home Center will have it!