Deckorators Matte Black Balusters & Copper Balusters – Now Available!

We’re happy to announce that Deckorators Copper Balusters and Deckorators Matte Black balusters are now available at DIY Home Center.

In case you missed it, we recently posted about how the Copper Balusters or the Matte Black Balusters can give new life to an existing deck or put the finishing touch on a new deck.

Now that they are available, consider the possibilities these sleek, stylish, and long-lasting balusters from Deckorators can give your deck.

Shop for Deckorators balusters, post caps, railing systems and lighting at DIY Home Center.

Deckorators Copper Balusters

New! Deckorators Matte Black Balusters

When we saw them at the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, we thought Deckorators Round, Aluminum Matte Black balusters had a lot of style. We love matte black—it offers a classic look, and it combines well with wood, composite, and aluminum.

Not only do Deckorators Matte Black Balusters look good and have a great finish, you don’t have to worry about chipping, scratching, or rusting. In fact, Deckorators powder coat easily passes AAMA 2604.

Deckorators matte black balusters

Deckorators Matte Black Balusters

That might look like a bunch of letters and numbers, so let’s put it into perspective. Compared to the old standard, AAMA 2603, you get five times the outdoor exposure performance and twice the humidity exposure performance.
That means your balusters will look great for years to come! No wonder they can offer a lifetime warranty on their 26-, 32-, and 36-inch balusters.

As you mull over deck projects for the upcoming season, consider how Deckorators Matte Black Balusters can give you a sleek, refined-looking deck.

The matte black style isn’t available yet, but as soon as it is, DIY Home Center will have it!