Deckorators CXT Composite Railings Available At DIY Home Center

When you use the Deckorators CXT Railing, you get the look of real painted wood, the durability and the low-maintenance performance of a composite, and an array of compelling design options that ensure an amazing kick-your-feet-up-and-relax deck that might just lead to lower blood pressure (and possibly increased wine consumption).

Deckorators CXT Railing

Deckorators CXT Railing

CXT railings, now available at DIY Home Center, work with most other components in the Deckorators line giving you incredible possibilities. Start with your post sleeve kit that includes base trim, pick your railing length, and then find the perfect balusters to finish off the look–whether they’re aluminum, glass, or CXT composite balusters.Traditional white CXT post caps? Deckorators VersaCaps? Sleek bronze rails with copper balusters?

The flexibility of Deckorators CXT railings means that there is a style just right for your deck, whether you’re upgrading your railings or building from scratch.

The CXT uses a cool U-Bracket design that not only hides the fastener, but makes installation easier–especially for stair rails. Pre-drilled rails, as you’ll see in the installation video, mean you don’t have to worry about placing your balusters evenly.

Deckorators CXT Contemporary rail kits are now available at DIY Home Center in 6- or 8-foot lengths and 36- or 42-inch installed rail heights.

Check out the installation video to see how everything fits together and head over to DIY Home Center to find the perfect CXT railing for your deck.

Welcome to the DIY Home Center Blog

DIY Home CenterHere at DIY Home Center we wanted to better connect with our customers, so we are writing a blog to open communication about our products and services.  This blog will focus on the following:

  • Further educate the public in detail about our product lines (underdeck, hidden deck fasteners, uv bulbs, polywood, etc..)
  • Answer FAQ’s we receive about products
  • Share recent news & statistics about any of the products we carry
  • Share insight into our industry and possible future product lines

We will writing blog posts to continue the education of the public and our customers about the products we live, eat, & breathe, on a daily basis. We at DIY Home Center look forward to creating an open dialogue with you. In fact, here are some of the ideas we have to write on in the future:

– The difference in misting fan systems

– What types of hidden deck fasteners are there, & what’s best for my deck project

– What makes Polywood unique compared to other outdoor furniture

– How can you think green when making recreational equipment for the snow (toboggans, sleds, flyers, wagons)

– What is the easiest way to find & buy a replacement uv bulb for my burnt out or busted one

– Best safe technique to clean up broken uv bulbs

– more to come…

Since this is our first post, is there something we are missing & you would like to hear our perspective on it?  Leave a comment below and let us know.