How to Hang Drywall with FramerBACK and CornerBACK

We previously wrote about FastenMaster’s time-saving BACK Line. This product line helps you hang drywall and reduce the amount of framing members you need to use and eliminates deadwood nailers, allowing a home to have more insulation and be more energy efficient.

If you haven’t hung drywall before and you hear people talk about framing members and deadwood nailers, you might start doubting your DIY abilities. Thanks to Youtube, you can acquire practically any knowledge you need–and learning about hanging drywall and using FastenMaster’s BACK line is no exception.

In this FastenMaster video, you’ll learn how to install the FramerBACK and CornerBACK, the code-compliant metal clips that make drywall installation faster and easier while using less materials:

If you’re a builder or a DIY-er who prides him or herself on doing the job right, check out the FramerBACK and CornerBACK on DIY Home Center.

FastenMaster’s BACK Line Drywall Fasteners For New Installation Or Drywall Repair

FastenMaster BACK LineThe right tools can make a project easier, more time efficient, and more enjoyable. When it comes to drywalling, the FastenMaster BACK Line has the right tools–whether it’s hanging a room of drywall, patching a large hole, or fixing a recurring crack.

The BACK Line consists of four products with specialized functions.

  • CornerBACK – Reduces nailing and helps create straight corners using only two studs.
  • FramerBACK – Helps with straight corners but also great for hanging ceilings and preventing ceiling cracking.
  • InstaBACK – Makes patch repair for large holes easy and helps create better butt joints.
  • InvisiBACK – Repair cracks less than four feet long without extracting an entire sheet of drywall.

If you’ve had experience with drywalling, you’ll immediately recognize these fasteners as superior, time-saving products. Anything that eliminates deadwood nailers is a good thing!

If you’re a first-timer, you might not notice the time-saving benefits, but you will appreciate the reduced nailing and easier framing these products enable. (Just take a look at your ceiling and see if you notice any quarter-sized indentations–you probably will–that’s why reduced nailing is a good thing!)

Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro…whether you’re drywalling a room, an entire building, or just fixing a crack or a hole…the FastenMaster BACK Line has time and material saving products that help you do a better job.

That’s why you’ll find the drywall fasteners available now at DIY Home Center.