FastenMaster HeadLok Screws For Common DIY Projects


FastenMaster HeadLok

Wouldn’t your projects be easier and faster if you didn’t have to predrill, or if you didn’t have to worry about camout, stripped screws, using washers, and dealing with corrosion? That’s exactly what FastenMaster was thinking when they created the HeadLok screw.

The FastenMaster HeadLok is a heavy duty wood screw that features a Spider Drive (free bit included in every package) so it’s virtually impossible to strip out the head and you don’t have to worry about camout. It aggressively digs into wood–zips right in–and pulls out easily if you need to reinstall or make a modification.

The FastenMaster HeadLok screw is ideal for wood-to-wood applications and comes in a wide range of lengths (from 2 ⅞ to 18”)–which makes it perfect for many projects around the home–like deck framing, stair stringers, landscape walls, fencing, cabinets, TV wall mounts, and more.

The HeadLok has nationally code compliant stronger design shear values than 3/8 inch lag screws–so you know your project is safe and secure (go ahead, mount that flat screen TV). It’s also made right here in the USA.

We think quality matters–and we know you’ll feel the difference when you use the FastenMaster HeadLok for your next project.

The HeadLok is available now at DIY Home Center.