How to Make a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are a great way to garden. They let you take control of your soil, are easier on your back, and can help keep animals out. Making a raised garden bed is a fun project and can be even more fun with a product called the M Brace.

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

The M Brace by Art of Garden is one of those products that not only makes the project easier and faster, it makes it look classier, too. Here’s how you can create your own raised garden bed using the M Brace by Art of Garden.

  1. Decide on either the M Brace or M Brace Mini and then select your style.
  2. Locate or create a flat surface in your yard.
  3. Position your M Braces and then insert your lumber in the slots.
  4. Optionally secure the lumber to the M Braces using the screw holes.
  5. Fill the raised garden bed with high quality soil.
  6. Plant herbs, flowers, and/or vegetables and enjoy!

Here are a few quick tips on some of the materials and what to plant.


Avoid any lumber treated with chemicals as this might leach into the soil and your vegetables (assuming you’re growing vegetables/herbs to eat). Cedar and redwood is good, naturally rot-resistant lumber for a raised garden bed. You can use four 2×12’s, eight 2×6’s, eight 2×6’s and a four 2×4’s (the boards will extend a bit beyond the height of the M Brace) or other combinations of lumber. Your raised garden bed can be up to 14” high with the M Brace and up to 10” high with the M Brace Mini.

lumber to use for raised garden bed

Lumber to Use For Raised Garden Bed


Use Google to find a local business that delivers high quality soil. Soil mixed with compost is great. The better the quality, the better your herbs, flowers, and vegetables–but keep in mind your soil will need to be rejuvenated annually. Soil is delivered in cubic yards. Determine how many cubic yards you’ll need and plan for a little bit to spare.

soil for raised beds

Soil for Raised Beds


It’s obvious, but what you plant depends on where you live. Use a climate zone map to determine what will grow best in your area–and then make sure to water it and take care of it according to the directions!

planting raised garden beds

Planting Raised Garden Beds

We think the M Brace is a great way to simplify making a raised garden bed and make it really attractive in the process. You can check them out at DIY Home Center and see which style is right for you! If you’re looking for a smaller raised bed, make sure to check out the M Brace Mini, typically used as starter gardens for young gardeners or whimsical butterfly gardens.  Regardless of your style, raised gardens provide years of great gardening!

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed – Made Easy with the M Brace

Is this the year where you are finally going to have a garden? Maybe you’re wondering how to build a raised garden bed. It’s actually not as hard as you might think–and it’s even easier with M Brace.

Made in the U.S.A. out of recycled sheet metal, the M Brace eliminates the need for screws, nails, or any other kind of assembly material aside from the lumber. In fact, you can put the frame together in about five minutes! It might feel like cheating, but we think you’ll get over it quickly.

How to build a raised garden bed

How To Build A Raised Garden Bed With M Brace

Why wouldn’t you just dig up some grass and start planting somewhere in your yard? Well, raised garden beds don’t just look great–they perform well, too.

We’ve already covered getting the M Braces (we have them in stock at DIY Home Center), so the next step is to do some additional planning.

  • Consider the size. Three by six is good because you can reach the entire garden. One to two feet tall is ideal. You can build a longer garden, but if it’s your first effort, small and sustainable might be the way to go.
  • Find a flat spot. Either make the spot flat (extra work) or find a flat spot.
  • Sun is important. Make sure the spot has at least 6 hours of full sunlight.
  • Get your lumber. We recommend avoiding lumber that has been pressure treated with chemicals since those chemicals could find their way into the soil–and your food. Redwood and cedar are good choices of lumber because they are naturally rot-resistant. 2×4 and 2×6 boards will work well.
  • Fill the raised garden bed. There are some elaborate ways to fill the garden bed. Some people lay down newspaper, then manure, and then the soil. The simple way is to find some high quality soil, order it in bulk, and then fill in your raised garden bed. Pro tip: if you’re building a 3 x 6 raised bed that’s 12” tall, you’ll need about 18 cubic feet of soil.
  • Plant your veggies. When you buy your seeds, they’ll have instructions for planting on them. Pay attention to when you should plant and make sure you keep them watered!
  • Have fun!

A raised garden bed can be a fun and rewarding project for your yard. The M Brace eliminates all building complication and leaves you with a great spot to grow some vegetables for you and your family. Just imagine how fun it’ll be in a few months to pick those first tomatoes, cut them up, and put them on a home-grown salad. Yum!

To learn how to build a raised garden bed, check out this m brace video:

M Brace Raised Bed Corners for Easy Elevated Gardens

Do you live in an area with less than ideal soil quality? Maybe you just want to separate your plants, like fruits and vegetables or flowers, from the surrounding area. The M Brace™ Raised Garden Bed Bracket by Outdoor Essentials is the answer to your gardening needs!

Before the summer heat, the raised bed corners elevate your garden, allowing you to work with soil during spring’s awakening to jump start to your gardening. Raised beds are low maintenance due to their compact construction, height and well-defined space, and allow for both better drainage and easy access throughout the garden season.

Outdoor Essentials M Brace, Swirl Design

Outdoor Essentials M Brace, Swirl Design

The M Brace raises your garden to loftier heights with American-made recycled metal, helping you to create a raised garden bed using common lumber—even old fence boards or grape stakes. Portable and adjustable up to 12 feet per side, this unique design allows you enjoy an accessible, easy to tend raised garden bed that you can fill with the soil your plants need. Moreover, the wide range of design choices for your raised bed corners, from squiggles to bars to carrots, is sure to bring a touch of individuality to your outdoor space!

The M Brace is easily assembled in a simple three step process:

  1. Cut the boards.
  2. Stack the boards in the M Brace.
  3. Fill with soil.

That’s it! Available in unfinished steel or antique bronze finish, this great product was purposely designed to have superior strength, so no need to worry about flimsy corners or inclement weather. To see the easy installation of this
comely product in action, check out this video:

Extend your planting season, love your garden and beautify your corner of the world, all at the same time with Outdoor Essentials M Brace Raised Garden Bed Bracket, now at DIY Home Center!