Star Drive Screws Make Projects Easier

Star Drive Wood Screws

Star Drive Wood Screws

Seasoned pros frequently advise that “you gotta have the right tools for the job.” It’s true–the right tools make all the difference–and that’s why we recommend star drive screws. Simply put, they’re the right tool for the job.

The first thing you’ll notice is how much easier star drive screws drive. If you’ve ever stripped a screw head (who hasn’t), or you’ve had the screwdriver or drill slip off the screw, you’ll appreciate how star drive screws handle more torque than ordinary screws and how your screwdriver or drill practically locks into place on the screwhead.

The next thing you’ll notice is how much easier it is to remove star drive screws. If you’ve ever tried unscrew something and realized that you’re just stripping the screw, you know how frustrating regular screws can be. That’s when you’ll be glad you used star drive screws because of the increased torque they can handle without stripping.

You can imagine how much easier a bigger project is without experiencing the problems that come with regular screws. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that increasing numbers of professional deck builders and woodworkers are using star drive screws for their projects.

If you’re tired of the problems with regular screws, make the switch to star drive, and check out our large selection at DIY Home Center.

Screw Products Inc. Screws Eliminate Common DIY Headaches

Here’s a tip for your next DIY project that involves screws: Use Screw Products star drive screws that virtually eliminate all of the common frustrations with using other screws.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • Screws that “walk” when you screw them in so that they’re not in the right place
  • Screw heads that strip so you have to press extremely hard—or grab a pliers and try to twist it out
  • Always having to pre-drill holes (sure, you’ll still have to pre-drill sometimes, but much less than you would with an ordinary screw)

Star Drive Screws
Maybe you thought these were just inevitabilities of home improvement work. But they’re not.

Screws made by Screw Products bite into the material with less effort so you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to apply enough pressure to get the screw in. They feature Star Drive recess which can handle twice the torque as a Phillips or Square drive—no more stripping screws, or having the screwdriver slip off the screw (camout).

Screw Products screws have deep, wide threads that help the screw cut cleanly, which reduces splitting, cracking, and mushrooming.

Basically, all the problems you’ve had with traditional screws are eliminated with Screw Products. Also, if you’re thinking you’ll have to get a bit for the screws, forget it.

When you buy a 1lb., 5lb., or bulk jar of screws, not only do you get long-lasting, premium quality screws—you also get a free bit. Just open the jar and you’re ready to go.

Screw Products include cabinet screws, construction lag screws, finish screws, standard exterior screws, trim head screws, extra-long screws, heavy duty screws, multipurpose screws, pocket screws (compatible with Kreg Jig screws), composite decking screws, stainless steel deck screws, plus fascia and fencing screws. In addition, Screw Products include driver bits, bit holders, cement board screws, gutter screws, The Deck Clip, DeckLok, Reamer Tek Screws, Tapcon Screws and assorted screw kits.

Practically any project can benefit from Screw Products screws. That’s why we’re happy to stock Screw Products at DIY Home Center.  If you have any questions, call us at 888-349-4660 or leave a comment below.