Trex Universal Hidden Fasteners For Elevations Steel Deck Framing

trex universal hidden fastener

Trex Universal Hidden Fasteners for Trex Elevations

Finish Off Your Trex Elevations Steel-Framed Deck with Trex Universal Hidden Fasteners and Trex Start Clips.

Most decks use pressure treated wood for their substructure, which can warp, twist, decay, and cause movement in the deck when you’re walking on it. Trex Steel Deck Framing eliminates all these problems and delivers an equally beautiful deck—with less maintenance and increased durability.

To finish off the polished look of steel deck framing, you can perfectly combine Trex Elevations Universal Connector Clips and Trex Elevations Start Clips with Trex Steel Deck Framing. At the end of this deck project, you’ll have a beautiful, smooth, fastener-free deck surface with a rock-solid substructure that you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

Trex Elevations Universal Clips install above the framework, making installation straightforward and nearly identical to Trex Hideaway Fasteners. The only difference is the Elevations Clips have self-tapping screws for installation into steel framing.

A steel framed deck is a great investment that complements the investment you make with the decking itself. If you’re buying durable, long-lasting materials for the decking, it only makes sense to do the same for the substructure.

Just make sure to fasten the decking to the substructure with Trex Elevations Universal Connector Clips to complete the perfect look for your deck.

We like Trex because they have a proven track record of durable, high quality products. When you use their straightforward hidden fastening system and their steel deck framing, you’ll get a long-lasting, practically maintenance-free deck.

Let us know when you’re finished so you can invite us over!

The Trex Elevations Universal Connector Clips are available now at DIY Home Center.