A Trex Railing Is Excellence Guaranteed

We have all come to depend on Trex railing systems for a combination of class and reliability. When choosing any Trex railing line, rest assured it will resist fading, rot and warping… giving you a virtually maintenance free deck. That means you have the flexibility to pick the right Trex railing for you, based on your sense of style and affordability.

The Trex Select line gives you the luxury of a stylish railing at a more moderate price point. This easy to assemble line is a perfect fit for DIYers. The clean lines and look of Trex Select is sure to fit any design style.


Trex Select Railing

If you want to set your home apart from the rest, Trex Transcend is the railing system for you. This top of the line option provides a wide variety of colors and styles to create a unique space and express your style.


Trex Transcend Railing

Another advantage of Trex products, is that the railing systems are inter-changeable. If you are looking for a sensible solution to add flair to your deck, combine both Trex Select and Trex Transcend components together. Get high-end style at a more economical price. Trex can give you the style you want, at the price you want, all while maintaining the superior quality you have come to rely on.

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Trex Transcend, Reveal, and Select Railings Available Now!

Trex Railings

Trex Railings

Not that we’re lazy, but we think that making your deck as maintenance free as possible is a good thing. That’s why we love Trex composite materials–they’re high quality, look great, and they’re low maintenance. Of course Trex railings match perfectly with Trex decking, so offering them on our site was a no-brainer.

Trex railings offer something for everyone. From the top of the line to their most economical, all Trex railing styles are high quality, low-maintenance alternatives to traditional lumber.

The top of the line Transcend is virtually completely maintenance free. It features a deep wood grain pattern and a variety of colors that match Trex decking. The three-side shell protection on the Transcend railings ensures they’ll look as good as the day you bought them for many years to come.

Trex Reveal is an aluminum line with a minimalist style. This durable line is good for public spaces, affixes to landscapes (even if they are stone), and features near-zero maintenance. With Reveal you can use aluminum posts, or create a mixed material look with Reveal aluminum and Transcend Posts.

The Trex Select railing is a great way to get Trex quality and style and stay in a tighter budget. Featuring the shell technology that helps keep Trex railings maintenance-, stain-, and mold-free, Trex Select comes in 6 or 8 foot lengths and always uses Transcend Post Caps and Sleeves.

We think that with the Transcend, Reveal, or Select, you’ll be able to find the deck railing style that matches your deck, fits your budget, and minimizes maintenance. These three high quality Trex Railing products are now available at DIY Home Center.