Trex Cocktail Rail for Function and Style

Trex Cocktail Rail

You can add the perfect finishing touch to your deck with the Trex Cocktail Rail Bracket.  The cocktail rail bracket allows you to mount a Trex deck board to the Trex Signature railing system, for a functional and stylish railing design. A flat railing is a great place for company to place their drinks or plates while entertaining or as a ledge where you can decorate with a planter or decor.

Check out this easy-to-follow video to see how you can install a Trex Signature Railing system with a cocktail rail.

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Trex RainEscape – Expand your Outdoor Area!

Trex RainEscape

Trex RainEscape

A brand new room, underneath your deck, with Trex RainEscape.

There you are relaxing underneath your deck, enjoying a good book and sipping on some tea. Suddenly it starts raining, and as the water pours through the cracks, you rush indoors, narrowly avoiding your second shower for the day…

It doesn’t have to be this way—you can protect the area underneath your deck from the heaviest of downpours with Trex RainEscape.

But RainEscape is more than just protection from the rain. Since it installs above the joist, RainEscape leaves the joist cavity dry—bone dry. This means you can start making some pretty amazing plans for underneath your deck.

Maybe you want to run electric wire for a ceiling fan, recessed lighting, or some speakers. Or, you might decide to screen this area in for a three season room. Or maybe you just want to put your barbecue below your deck so you can grill without getting soaked. The point is, once you’re protected from the elements, you have a lot of options!

RainEscape is installed before you place your deck boards. Rolled rubber troughs install in the joist spaces and are stapled and taped down. The troughs are installed with a bit of a pitch to direct the water to a plastic collector which acts as a downspout. In some installs we’ve seen, plastic pipes are put underneath the collector to direct all the water to one well-placed downspout. Many installs conceal everything by using a ceiling of some type—a tongue and grooved ceiling looks great!

RainEscape not only protects you from rain while you’re under your deck, it makes the space under your deck a great place to enjoy a soothing spring, summer, or autumn rainfall. Brew a pot of coffee and spend a quiet morning reading—or pop the cork off some wine and unwind while enjoying a pleasant evening shower.

Ready to expand make a great outdoor area under your deck? Trex RainEscape is available now at DIY Home Center.

Trex Hideaway Steel vs. Plastic – A Comparison

Trex Hideaway Plastic Fastener

Trex Hideaway Plastic Fastener

Trex Hideaway Steel Fastener

Trex Hideaway Steel Fastener

First, a little history…

Last year, Trex introduced the Hideaway hidden deck fastener for Trex pre-grooved decking. Created from stainless steel, the fastener was very popular with deck builders.

This year Trex has introduced another Hideaway fastener for their pre-grooved decking. Created with hardened plastic we expect this fastener to be popular as well.

We’ve received many questions from customers asking about the difference between the two. We’re providing the chart below to help answer some of these questions.

Characteristic Trex Hideaway Steel Fastener Trex Hideaway Plastic Fastener
Manufacturer Tiger Claw Trex
Installation One pass – The fastener is placed into the deck board and secured with a screw using a cordless drill or the Tiger Claw Installation Gun. Two pass – The fastener is inserted into one side of the deck board and partially screwed down. After the deck board is installed on the other side of the fastener, a second pass is made and the the fastener is completely tightened.
Screws Included Yes Yes
Deck Face Screws Required None – teeth on the fastener securely grab the fastener restricting vertical and lateral movement TBD – the fastener is based on a “biscuit” concept that has been around for quite some time. In the past, a criticism of this design has been lateral movement of the deck board due to material shrinkage. The solution to this problem has been to install deck screws at the end of each board to limit the lateral movement. Because this fastener is new, we don’t have any feedback on this issue. We will update this post as we receive feedback.
Compatibility with Installation Tools Yes – compatible with the Tiger Claw pneumatic installation gun – more here about compatibility No
Screw Depth in Joist 1 5/8″ at 45 degrees (35 degrees with installation gun) 1″ at 90 degrees
Technical Support (877) 873-25298 a.m. – 7 p.m., 7 days/week (800) BUY-TREX
Fastener Cost More expensive but has reduced installation (labor) time Less expensive but has additional installation (labor) time
Warranty Commercial – 25 years
Residential – 25 years
Commercial – 10 years
Residential – 25 years

What’s Our Take?

We think both fasteners will prove to be an excellent option.  The plastic fastener will make sense for the homeowner installing their own deck who is on a tighter budget and where labor time is not a consideration.

The steel fastener will continue to be popular with contractors because of the labor savings, longer commercial warranty and it’s compatibility with the pneumatic installation gun.

You can buy both Trex fasteners on our website here.

To learn more about selecting the right hidden fasteners for your specific needs, call us toll-free at 888-349-4660 or send an e-mail to As always, feel free to leave your comments below.

Tiger Claw Installation Gun – Now Compatible with Trex Hideaway

In addition to being compatible with Tiger Claw TC-G and the TimberTech CONCEALoc, the Tiger Claw Installation Gun is now compatible with the Trex Hideaway hidden deck fastener thanks to a new double sided installation head.   One side of the head is compatible with the TC-G and CONCEALoc, while the other side is compatible with the Hideaway.

If you are a contractor and are installing hidden fasteners into slotted decking, the Tiger Claw installation gun is a must have.    You can learn about the gun here.

As of today (11/19/09), the information and imagery on our website has not been updated so don’t be confused when it describes only being compatible with the TC-G and CONCEALoc.

Here is a picture of the new double sided installation head. The Hideaway fits on the left side, while the TC-G and CONCEALoc fit on the right side.

Tiger Gun Nose

Tiger Claw Gun Nose

And here’s a picture of the gun. The original Tiger Claw gun was orange in color. The new guns, with the double sided nose, are gray.

Tiger Claw Installation Gun

Tiger Claw Installation Gun

You can purchase the Tiger Claw Installation Gun here