Updated Underdeck Installation Video

A new Underdeck installation video is now available on our website. The new video does a better job explaining the overall system and covers many different installation scenarios. You could view the Underdeck installation video on our website or you can view it below.

Underdeck Price Change – Effective Jan. 1, 2010

Underdeck deck roof system

After nearly three years of little to no price increase, we’ve received word that our price for Underdeck will be going up for the 2010 season.

While we haven’t finalized 2010 pricing yet, we’ve done some preliminary calculations and it appears the price of Underdeck kits and parts will be going up approximately 15%. We realize this is a significant increase and wanted to make sure that you knew about it ahead of time. If you have been considering buying Underdeck, now is the time to take advantage of our 2009 pricing.

You can use our Underdeck kit calculator to get a quote for your project.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know below.

UnderDeck Installation Feedback

The following is a recent e-mail that we received from a customer describing his experience with installing UnderDeck. We’ve reproduced it here unedited with the customer’s permission.

Delivery was quick and the order was complete. My kit was for a 10’ X 14’ area.

Here is what I like about the UnderDeck product. It gives an attractive complete look to the space and was easy to install. We are in the Pacific Northwest where we have lots of spiders which I was concerned might be a problem but insects seem to stay away from the vinyl so the spiders aren’t hanging around either. The panels can be removed easily when I need to paint the house again.

Installation was easy requiring a few basic hand tools. I would emphasize that when installing the panels; line the entire panel up straight the full length on one side before attempting to push into place. Once straight, the panels almost want to pop into place by themselves. Your instructions to have two people working is the best way, however, I was able to install the panels by myself. They were cut to 9’ 6” in length which is more than one mans arms can reach but after a few panels I understood what I needed to do and the rest was easy.

I did a lot of comparisons for an under decking product based on overall costs and found for this Do-It-Yourselfer, your product satisfied my needs better than I hoped.

M.S. in Seattle

Thanks for the feedback M.S. and thanks for sharing with the community!

You can learn more about the UnderDeck system on our website here

Welcome to the DIY Home Center Blog

DIY Home CenterHere at DIY Home Center we wanted to better connect with our customers, so we are writing a blog to open communication about our products and services.  This blog will focus on the following:

  • Further educate the public in detail about our product lines (underdeck, hidden deck fasteners, uv bulbs, polywood, etc..)
  • Answer FAQ’s we receive about products
  • Share recent news & statistics about any of the products we carry
  • Share insight into our industry and possible future product lines

We will writing blog posts to continue the education of the public and our customers about the products we live, eat, & breathe, on a daily basis. We at DIY Home Center look forward to creating an open dialogue with you. In fact, here are some of the ideas we have to write on in the future:

– The difference in misting fan systems

– What types of hidden deck fasteners are there, & what’s best for my deck project

– What makes Polywood unique compared to other outdoor furniture

– How can you think green when making recreational equipment for the snow (toboggans, sleds, flyers, wagons)

– What is the easiest way to find & buy a replacement uv bulb for my burnt out or busted one

– Best safe technique to clean up broken uv bulbs

– more to come…

Since this is our first post, is there something we are missing & you would like to hear our perspective on it?  Leave a comment below and let us know.