Let FastenMaster Save You Time & Money

We’ve all heard the famous Benjamin Franklin quote: “Time is Money” and we all know how true it is!  By using FastenMaster FlatLok structural wood screws, instead of nails and bolts to fasten multiple beams and trusses it will keep your project moving along quickly, ultimately saving you, your ever so valuable… time & money!

FastenMaster FlatLok structural wood screws

FastenMaster FlatLok structural wood screws

There is no need for pre-drilling with FlatLok, a sure fire way to save you time.  The threads on the screw will cut through some of the most solid lumber then pull the wood together for quick installation.  FastenMaster has made sure that penetration is a breeze because the FlatLok TORX® ttap® drive features a stability button.  If you’ve ever experienced wobble during installation, you know why stability is so important in a structural wood screw.  You will significantly lower possible stripping because your bit will have the best fit.  Receive a free TORX® ttap® bit with every box of FlatLok screws you purchase!

FlatLok has passed the test and meets the majority of the ICC standard criteria. Using treated lumber? It has received authorization to use with it. Once installed, the screw will be flat on the surface, this lets drywall or trim slide easily into place. You won’t have to worry about these screws becoming rusted or corroding, they are certain to last.

Check out the FastenMaster FlatLok video and see how you can save both time and money!



Make your next build a time and money saver, order your supply of FastenMaster FlatLok wood screws today at DIY Home Center.  While there, check out the other screws and fasteners that FastenMaster has to offer, including brands like Cortex and Tiger Claw.

Work with the Best: Screw Products C-Deck Color Matches Trex, TimberTech and More!

Full C-Deck screws color chart

Is deck repair or deck installation on your to do list this summer? If it is, you’ll want to know about all the brands and styles that Screw Products C Deck composite deck screws can color match.

C-Deck screws eliminate mushrooming and blemishes that occur on composite material. You pay a lot for your deck material, so it makes sense to fasten it down with a good, quality screw. C-Deck also works great for wood—in fact, the screws are even strong enough to hold down warped lumber.

We like recommending Screw Products because they are so easy to use. You know how annoying it is when the screwdriver or drill bit slips off the screw. Screw Products screws have Star Drive—which means the screws drive without any kind of slippage whatsoever. They are also threaded to drive in more easily, so they cruise through the toughest of composite materials.

In other words, they are just a lot easier to work with, and when you’re driving a lot of screws, easy is good.

Screw Products has made sure that everyone can benefit from their great product by compiling a long list of brands and styles that C-Deck screws color match (pdf). Check out the list and find your brand and style and select the right C-Deck screw for your upcoming project.

Star Drive Screws Make Projects Easier

Star Drive Wood Screws

Star Drive Wood Screws

Seasoned pros frequently advise that “you gotta have the right tools for the job.” It’s true–the right tools make all the difference–and that’s why we recommend star drive screws. Simply put, they’re the right tool for the job.

The first thing you’ll notice is how much easier star drive screws drive. If you’ve ever stripped a screw head (who hasn’t), or you’ve had the screwdriver or drill slip off the screw, you’ll appreciate how star drive screws handle more torque than ordinary screws and how your screwdriver or drill practically locks into place on the screwhead.

The next thing you’ll notice is how much easier it is to remove star drive screws. If you’ve ever tried unscrew something and realized that you’re just stripping the screw, you know how frustrating regular screws can be. That’s when you’ll be glad you used star drive screws because of the increased torque they can handle without stripping.

You can imagine how much easier a bigger project is without experiencing the problems that come with regular screws. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that increasing numbers of professional deck builders and woodworkers are using star drive screws for their projects.

If you’re tired of the problems with regular screws, make the switch to star drive, and check out our large selection at DIY Home Center.

A Closer Look at Why Heat Treated Screws Matter

Heat Treated Screws

Heat Treated Screws

The more work you do, the more you pay attention to the little details. Two details that are easy to overlook when you’re fumbling through screw bins at the store are the screw’s treatment and coating. Those are details that Screw Products pays quite a bit of attention to.

Screw Products heat treated screws are heat treated carbon steel with a coating. Heat treated carbon steel screws have greater strength and have a bending property which prevents snapping. (Think of an airplane wing bending–disconcerting yes–but much better than breaking!) That bending and not breaking property, and the overall strength of the screw is comforting to have when your fastener application is a deck or a heavy cabinet or TV.

After treatment comes the coating. The coating on the screw differs depending on whether the screw is for interior or exterior use. For interior use, you definitely don’t want the screw to rust, as that could transfer to the material and cause damage. For exterior use, the coating has to stand up to the elements and to the chemicals used on pressure treated wood, for example.

Screw Products Gold Star screw is a high quality interior screw. It is available for projects that require extra long screws, for cabinets, and for multi-purpose applications. It’s a triple-coated yellow zinc that works great inside, but is not recommended for exterior applications.

For exterior applications, use Screw Products’ Bronze Star screws–they use a proprietary coating that has shown over 1200 hours corrosion resistance in both ACQ & salt spray tests. Those phenomenal numbers allow Screw Products to offer a guarantee that replaces any corroded fasteners and provides a fair means of remedy for the re-installation of defective fasteners for the life of the project. Check their website for details.

For the wettest and most corrosive places–coastal environments–use the Silver Star, a stainless steel screw.

For someone just starting out as a do-it-yourselfer, all the choices for something as simple as a screw might seem overwhelming. That’s why when you check out the Screw Products page on our website, you’ll see all of the screws grouped together based on their application. Just read the headlines and a little bit of descriptive text and you’re sure to get the right screw for your project.

Check out our selection of Screw Products today.

FastenMaster HeadLok Screws For Common DIY Projects


FastenMaster HeadLok

Wouldn’t your projects be easier and faster if you didn’t have to predrill, or if you didn’t have to worry about camout, stripped screws, using washers, and dealing with corrosion? That’s exactly what FastenMaster was thinking when they created the HeadLok screw.

The FastenMaster HeadLok is a heavy duty wood screw that features a Spider Drive (free bit included in every package) so it’s virtually impossible to strip out the head and you don’t have to worry about camout. It aggressively digs into wood–zips right in–and pulls out easily if you need to reinstall or make a modification.

The FastenMaster HeadLok screw is ideal for wood-to-wood applications and comes in a wide range of lengths (from 2 ⅞ to 18”)–which makes it perfect for many projects around the home–like deck framing, stair stringers, landscape walls, fencing, cabinets, TV wall mounts, and more.

The HeadLok has nationally code compliant stronger design shear values than 3/8 inch lag screws–so you know your project is safe and secure (go ahead, mount that flat screen TV). It’s also made right here in the USA.

We think quality matters–and we know you’ll feel the difference when you use the FastenMaster HeadLok for your next project.

The HeadLok is available now at DIY Home Center.